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Why Brick Oven Pizza Tastes Soooo Good!

Angelo's Brick Oven Pizza

In preparation for the Grand Opening of Angelo’s Brick Oven Pizzeria we have been asking people what their favorite pizza was and we have been getting some great responses.

The top pizzas are:

  • Margherita Pizzas
  • Pizza with pepperoni and artichokes (artichokes are a common theme)
  • Everything Pizza
  • Veggie Pizza
  • Italian sausage, garlic, basil and olives

They all sound wonderful to us and makes us hungry for some fresh brick oven pizza!

Why brick oven pizza, the short answer is that it is the BEST, if you have ever tried an authentic, delicious brick oven pizza the difference between a regular oven and brick oven pizza is self-evident on the very first bite.

But why is wood-fired brick oven pizza the best …

Higher Temperature – Wood burning brick oven pizzas like the one at Angelo’s Brick Oven Pizzeria can get as hot as 660 degrees Fahrenheit, but the heat alone isn’t what makes it so special.  The heat radiates from the source (wood fire) and is spread around the oven and ultimately absorbed by the interior brick walls!  Keeping the fire stoked, keeps the heat at  consistent temperature making the BEST pizza!

Faster Cooking Temperature – The high heat stored in the dense brick walls are designed to cook pizza quickly, but don’t worry we won’t rush our pizzas, but will get them to you perfectly prepared, hot and ready to eat or take home!  Quick cooking also allows the nutrients in the vegetables on a pizza to remain intact. Delicious, fast and better for you – how can you not like that!

Better Crust – Better crust starts with better ingredients of course, but the heat from the oven’s walls crisps the outside of the crust very quickly, keeping the moisture in the dough and preventing it from becoming soggy.  Resulting in a flavorful crust that is puffy, yet soft and chewy!

Flavor – You can’t beat the flavor of a wood-fired brick oven pizza!  That smoky flavor and brings out the richness of the ingredients.  Drizzle it with olive oil right before serving and you have nirvana.

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